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How to prevent anorectal diseases?
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How to prevent anorectal diseases? There are many causes of anorectal diseases in life, but as long as we take more precautions at ordinary times, we can well prevent the troubles of these diseases.
1. Multi motion:
In order to prevent diseases, we must first improve our own immunity, which is also true for anorectal diseases. As long as we actively exercise and enhance our physique at ordinary times, we can promote blood circulation and strengthen local disease resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing anorectal diseases.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene:
We must do a good job in cleaning at ordinary times, especially near the anus, so as not to cause infection. In addition, we also need to pay attention to changing underwear frequently and cleaning the anus after defecation every day, which plays a positive role in preventing infection.
3. Active prevention and control:
In addition to paying attention to the prevention of anorectal diseases, the anorectal diseases already suffering must be treated as soon as possible, such as anal recess inflammation and anal papillitis. Early treatment can avoid the occurrence of perianal abscess and anal fistula.
4. Avoid moisture:
Don't stay in a humid environment for a long time, especially don't let your ass touch the wetland for a long time, so as to prevent the anus from getting cold and wet, resulting in infection.
5. Early treatment:
If you find an abscess around your anus and rectum, don't be ashamed. You should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid the spread and spread of gastrointestinal diseases.
For how to prevent anorectal diseases, in fact, it is not very difficult. As long as we pay more attention to some good living habits at ordinary times, we can completely prevent them.

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