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Four kinds of people need to be particularly vigilant against anorectal diseases
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Anorectal disease is one of the diseases that are easy to occur in modern people. It can be said that there are many causes of anorectal disease, but according to the investigation and research, the key causes of anorectal disease are inextricably related to occupation, diet and living habits.
The incidence rate of anorectal diseases varies with occupation and habits. Generally speaking, the following four groups are prone to develop anorectal diseases.
1. Defecate carelessly
Many people have the habit of reading newspapers and listening to music when they go to the toilet. Especially when they go to the large size, newspapers and books are inseparable, which leads to anorectal diseases. Therefore, if you want to keep anorectal diseases away from you, in addition to changing these bad habits of going to the toilet, you must pay special attention to exercise at ordinary times.
At the same time, you should try to avoid standing and sitting for a long time in your daily life, so that combined with some reasonable exercise can more effectively help you eliminate the risk of anorectal diseases. For example, we can properly carry out some fast walking, running, playing badminton and other sports, which are beneficial to the prevention of anorectal diseases.
2. Long term constipation
Because of different occupations, the working environment and ways are different. For example, some occupations such as drivers and mental workers are high-risk groups of anorectal diseases. The work nature of this kind of people is generally sedentary and standing for a long time. Long-term inactivity will lead to slow intestinal peristalsis and the formation of constipation. In particular, some people with long-term constipation are more likely to induce diseases.
For these people, it is better to properly change the way of standing and sitting in peacetime, so as to ensure the smooth local blood circulation and the peristalsis of the intestine can return to the normal state. And at ordinary times, you can also eat some high fiber foods, such as coarse cereals, celery, fruits, etc. the crude fiber contained in these foods can promote intestinal peristalsis.
3. Pregnant women
Pregnant women are another high-risk group of anorectal diseases, especially pregnant women have a higher risk of anorectal diseases. Because when giving birth, due to the direct compression of the fetus, there will be some obstacles to blood reflux. Another reason is that exerting force for a long time during delivery will lead to venous congestion.
4. Irregular daily life
Modern people's life is mainly fast-paced, coupled with the busy work, so staying up late and working overtime can be common. Competition in the workplace puts a lot of people under great pressure every day, so overeating is one of the ways for some people to vent their pressure. Some people prefer to eat spicy and stimulating food. These factors are the causes of anorectal diseases.
Therefore, you can maintain a good living habit at ordinary times, eat regularly and sleep regularly. At the same time, you should also choose some healthy ways to release pressure, such as playing billiards, sports, listening to music, etc., which can help you vent your pressure well.
Anorectal diseases can be large or small, but if you don't treat them in time, it is very likely to cause all kinds of major diseases. Usually, some major diseases are caused by some small problems.

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