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Disposable drainage bag type A


Disposable drainage bag Registration Certificate No.: sxzz 20162140718


1. Registration Certificate No.: sxzz 20162140718
2. Specification and model:
    Model: type A, type B (B1, B2), type C
    Specification: 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml
3. Product performance, structure and composition
    Disposable drainage bags are divided into type A and type B: measurable type (250ml for type B1 drainage metering bottle and 500ml for type B2 drainage metering bottle) and type C (anti reflux type). According to the bag capacity, there are three specifications: 500ml, 1000ml and 2000ml. In the product, pagoda connector, conduit, hanging ring, bag body, long sleeve, anti reflux device, horn head and drainage drip bucket shall be made of PVC material, protective sleeve, protective plug and liquid inlet and discharge controller shall be made of PE material, drainage metering bottle shall be made of polystyrene material, and drainage metering bottle in type B product shall be made of polystyrene material In type B products, the conduit is made of silica gel material / PVC material. The product is provided in a sterile state, sterilized with ethylene oxide and used for one time.
4. Product scope of application
    This product is used for clinical drainage and storage of body fluids.


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