Disposable urinary catheterization bag series

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Disposable urinary catheterization bag (type A)




1、Registration Certificate No:苏械注准20142140170
2、Specification and model: type A, type B

3、Product performance, structure and composition

     Disposable catheterization package is divided into two models: A and B. Type A is composed of balloon catheter (natural latex material), disposable drainage bag (PVC material), tweezers (ABS material), gauze block (medical degreasing gauze material), hole towel (nonwoven material), silicone oil cotton ball (medical), and disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves; Class B consists of PVC non balloon catheter (PVC material), disposable drainage bag, tweezers, gauze block, hole towel, silicone oil cotton ball or paraffin cotton ball; Optional configuration: balloon charger, plastic gloves, disinfection cotton ball, square towel, waist disc, square disc and hard test tube. The product shall be sterilized with ethylene oxide and shall be sterile.

4、Product scope of application

     For clinical catheterization。

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