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Disposable infusion pump CBI type (continuous liquid feeding)


Disposable infusion pump CBI type (continuous liquid feeding)


1. Registration Certificate No.: gxzz 20163542311
2. Specification and model: see the table below
3. Product performance, structure and composition
    This product is composed of dosing device, elastic liquid storage device, liquid medicine filter, flow limiting device, automatic liquid feeding device (CBI is not available), pipeline, outer conical joint and switch (T-type tee joint). They are made of soft polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate and silicone rubber pipes for infusion (blood). Nominal flow: 1.0ml/h, 2.0ml/h, 3.0ml/h, 4.0ml/h, 5.0ml/h, 6.0ml/h, automatic liquid feeding dose: 0.5ml/time, automatic liquid feeding refilling time: 15min.
4. Product scope of application
    This product is used for continuous intravenous infusion analgesia after operation.


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